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You are worth it. 


Discover how to connect with your true self so you can move towards a richer, fulfilled life.


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Struggling through your day feeling incomplete, isolated, and disconnected is not your idea of a happy life. Stuck in the same routine, bored and numbed out makes you move through the motions not really feeling much – except the strong desire for more.

Shouldn't there be more? If you worked this hard and sacrificed this much to get to where you are now, why do you frequently feel like … “is this it”?

You feel this nudge of curiosity within you to seek answers, to feel emotions again, and to find that next step forward. 

Down the rabbit hole, you follow the latest “self-development” fad trying all the things to move an inch ahead. Instead, you’re quickly disappointed by all these empty promises that leave you wondering why you’re still not grounded in the right direction.

Too often, you’re also inundated by a solution flashed on the internet leading you to believe there is a quick fix to everything. 

Truth is – there are no quick-fix solutions to anything when it comes to healing and moving forward in a way that aligns your life to your hopes and dreams. 

It takes work, but I promise you it is well worth the journey.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

— Tony Robbins

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

— Tony Robbins


Laura M Sanchez

"Lisa is a pleasure to work with. She creates a safe space where you can let go of past trauma, clear your mind, and grow into who you always wanted to be. Let go, and take a meditative journey into who you are, and manifest who you always wanted to be. She is a caring coach and is solely interested in helping you grow to reach your full potential. I highly recommend her!"

Kerri Naslund-Monday

"Lisa is a natural support and guide into the world of deepening or even beginning your meditation and spiritual adventure. I look forward to the sessions and the sound of her voice makes my blood pressure drop."

What to expect during the

5-days together

Align And Grow is a unique challenge that combines guided lessons, with meditation to bring in calm, clarity, and visualization. Each day is designed to teach you ways to (re)discover who you are, and where you want to go next in life by raising your awareness of old habits, negativity, and limiting beliefs, that may be keeping your hopes, dreams, and desires on the sideline – preventing you from living life and reaching the success you crave, and the connection you seek.

3 key


Raise your awareness.

Recognizing conscious and subconscious patterns through awareness is an important stepping stone for change to take palace.

When you finally know the habits, limiting beliefs, or negative self-talk that is holding you back, visualization, and meditation will usher in the changes you need so you’ll be able to move forward.

Gain clarity and vision.

Whether you want small changes or big ones, you need to decide what you need (and can) let go of first so you can clearly see where you want to go next.

The clarity you gain will help you create a vision of your future with goals and dreams you can look forward to reaching over the coming months.

Connect. Heal. Evolve.

When you allow your mind, heart, and soul to connect, you’ll wake up refreshed and excited. You’ll improve your energy, clarity, perspective, and outlook on life. Everything shifts and helps you align closer to where you want to be.

See life in a different perspective, seeing the world through a new set of lenses. Get ready for some amazing shifts!

No more doing things by default, or on autopilot. Let the task lists of “should dos” drop away and start to align with your heart and soul so you can grow in ways that you never knew were possible.


 What you will

Find Inside

When you join the ALIGN and GROW Challenge, you’ll immediately have access to the 7 guides we will use over the 5-days. These guides will support the LIVE lessons each day and keep you on track with your evolution and changes from where you are NOW to where you want to be after the five days and beyond.

When you join the ALIGN and GROW Challenge, you’ll immediately have access to the 7 guides we will use over the 5-days. These guides will support the LIVE lessons each day and keep you on track with your evolution and changes from where you are NOW to where you want to be after the five days and beyond.

Day 1: Setting intention with flexibility.

At the first LIVE lesson, you’ll learn all about your internal GPS and why you need it to set intentions. You’ll learn how feeling is the key to healing and evolving from past pain and hurts you carry with you. You’ll be shown ways you can connect and align with what sets your soul on fire.

Day 2: Bringing awareness to your life.

In the Second LIVE lesson, we’ll explore how awareness allows change to happen and help you grow. You’ll learn how meditation and healing work together and what they both can do for you. I'll show you how to quiet your mind, so you can hear your soul speak. I’ll share a story of radical forgiveness and we’ll meditate together on quieting the mind.

Day 3: Judgment of self, others & life

In the Third LIVE lesson, you’ll tap into why and how we judge our decisions, our life, one another. Although it is part of human nature to do so, we will talk through why we judge, how we can evolve our experience of bringing awareness around how we judge ourselves and others. How changing our beliefs and what we value in our lives, can shift us out of perpetual judgement of our lives. We’ll meditate together on forgiveness.

Day 4: Learn the b.a.r.r

In the Forth LIVE lesson, I'll break down what B.A.R.R stands for and show you ways to use this method to model, practice, and take action towards who you want to be – as your future self. I’ll help you stretch out of your comfort zone so you can grow in ways you never thought possible.

Day 5: Love, compassion & forgiveness

At the final LIVE lesson, you’ll learn how forgiveness relates to growth. You’ll get to explore how creating coherence between mind, heart, and soul will help you to LET IT GO, embrace forgiveness, be ready to enjoy the endless possibilities of what your future self wants, and start to live life with purpose.

In just 5-days...

The ALIGN AND GROW CHALLENGE will leave you seeing life through a different lens, one that is more positive, full of energy, and hopeful that growth, change, dreams, and anything you want will be possible.


Grateful to meet you

I’m Lisa VanHara, Founder of SAGE - Soulfully Align. Grow. Evolve.

Realtor turned Growth Coach, Energy Worker, Mom, Wife, and your fiercest advocate on this life-changing journey.

It wasn’t so long ago I was right where you are now. I struggled.

I am here on the other side after having overcome anxiety, depression, alcohol dependency, disconnected and unfulfilling relationships, deep self-judgment, trauma, and more.

Before I turned my life around, things looked great from the outside, but inside I felt this calling that I wasn’t quite where I wanted to be. A feeling, a void within, that was calling to seek more. I was motivated to refocus my life’s purpose and move the dreams I thought were never possible, closer to being possible.

For the past several years I’ve been on a self-development journey where I was able to work and learn from top healers, travel the country diving deep into healing practices, and attend countless healing and meditation events. I attended retreats with top coaches and healers, Carolyn and Jason Ozuna, meditation retreats with Dr. Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins events, and many more. All with the intention to learn for myself, yet bring back amazing information to share with my clients. Additionally, I explored many other teaching, events, and modalities outside of the "norm”.

The energy, healing, meditations, experiences were unlike anything I had ever done. It was life-changing!

Today, the summation of my life experiences and lessons learned from these experts allows me to help others awaken and connect deeper within themselves and their life.

I am honored to meet you and excited to show you how you can Align and Grow into the life of your dreams.

Change is possible and it can only start with your commitment to yourself.

Align and Grow Challenge

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  • 5 Days LIVE with guided meditations
  • 1 hour of lesson per day
  • 7 guides with lessons
  • Many life-changing lessons
  • Private members-only Facebook Group
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© 2022 © Lisa VanHara / All Rights Reserved

© 2022 © Lisa VanHara / All Rights Reserved